January 6, 2021

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Democrats By Any Other Name

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RIP Diana Rigg 1938-2020

Like many teenage boys in the mid 60s, I was “in love” with Mrs. Peel…she was amazing, hot, smart, and didn’t put up with any crap. RIP

Many years later, when my youngest daughter got a kitten, I suggested we name her Emma Peel and everyone agreed. She lived 12 years until 2010

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The Anti-Trump

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Rest in Peace, Brother

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“The Answer Is No”

Let me stop you right there, Scooter …

Over the years I have picked up some … fans?

These are folks what don’t like me for various reasons — because I’m a cop, or I’m conservative, or a gun-owner, or former military, or whatever — but who don’t have the common courtesy to sod off to someplace else that they’ll be more appreciated.

Most of these folks catch the ban-hammer and expire quietly in my spam-box and an IP block with no fanfare, but a couple of them have slipped through the cracks.

Mostly because I don’t hear from them until some deviant no-account little pismire decides to cash in his voucher for 15 minutes of fame, said voucher being backed and guaranteed by the US Mainstream Media.

Sure enough, some pathetic little scrote-scraping decided to be famous in El Paso, and sure as the gods made little green apples the Media oiled up their stiletto-heeled leather blood-dancing boots and squeezed into their Christian Dior hair-shirt corsets and Made Him Famous. Just like the contract promises.

And — again, gods and little green apples — my inbox comes up with emails starting with: “It’s time for …” or “Common sense …” or “You have to agree …”

Let me stop y’all right there.

The answer is “No.”

No, I’m not going to give up my guns.

I don’t care. I’m not giving up my guns.

I didn’t murder anyone. My guns didn’t murder anyone. My friends haven’t murdered anyone. My friends guns haven’t murdered anyone.

80 million American gun owners didn’t murder anyone.

I am not going to be punished for some pustulent little bridge-troll deciding to vomit his evil into a Wal-Mart in El Paso.

And, yes, taking my guns away is punishing me. I will not be punished for the evil of someone else; evil that I had NOTHING TO DO WITH.

This is not up for debate. We’ve tried debate at the national level and the only thing debate got us was incremental chunks of our gun rights taken away by you faithless dacoits.

I am no longer going to engage in a debate in which I lose every time. Sod that for a game of soldiers.

So, let me stop you right there, Scooter. The answer is “No.”



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GorillaPundit Says It All

“Ever since 1980 I’ve heard liberals hyperventilating about the menace of the “far right” in this country. I’ve heard dire warnings about theocracy about to descend on us. We’re just one Trump EO away from the Handmaid’s Tale. Progressives actually believe this.

“Of course, all of this is so silly, it’s hardly worth refuting.

“But you know what? At this point, I don’t care. In fact I can’t wait. I actually want this to happen. Bring on the theocracy! I want to see liberals silenced by force for a change. I want to see the things they hold dear smashed and mocked and degraded before their eyes. I want to see feminist bakers forced to produce cakes with “A woman’s place is in the home” written in icing. I want to see progressives keeping silent out of fear. I want to see them brutalized by thugs who know they won’t be punished. I want to see their gender studies classes disrupted by screaming goon squads. I want to see their politicians obscenely mocked, slandered, and ran out of restaurants. And I want them to realize the laws won’t save them.

“Because they were okay with lawlessness when it was directed at someone else. What are they going to do when it comes back at them, when they’ve destroyed the only means that could save them?

“In short I want every f*ing progressive in America to have their faces ground in the dirt the way they’ve been grinding the flag of this country in the dirt.”

HT Ace of Spades HQ

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Happy Birthday Milton Friedman

Would have been 107 today

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“All Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time…Like Tears In Rain. Time To Die.”

Blade Runner is set in the year 2019

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Winning the Lottery

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